New India Bazaar, Milpitas CA

Mountain View, California 2 comments

New india bazaar milpitas is indian grocery store with the worst customer service ever, i was in there store for about 20mins talking on the phone while trying to shop when the person working at register comes to me and tells me talking on phone is not allowed while shopping there.(there is no sign which states so inside the store) i showed him my shopping basket and told him i am not done yet, he then proceeds to ask me almost threateningly who was i talking too!

ridicules is that even legal?i just left the store i wish i could have done something at that time...if you value your privacy don't ever go there again.


Brooklyn, New York, United States #606625

vote with your wallet.walk out of the store.

CA has a large indian community and there is always competition.there are jerks in every walk of life as well as very good people.


If you value YOUR privacy, don't use your cell phone in public.

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